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Holy fuck, I know him. That’s Jesse.

He came into the center when I worked there, he is such a kind, polite young man.

Oh my god, wow, I heard that this happened—“a homeless youth was brought on stage to accept an award”, blah blah blah, it’s probably some no-name actor—but I didn’t think they would actually go out onto the streets of LA and find a real person.

I’m glad they found Jesse, and I hope this moment benefits him exponentially. He deserves it with everything he has fought through, and still is fighting.

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if you close your eyes right before the train hits, your brain will think that you have died. some people find calmness in this.

why cant i stop looking at this. 

this is so nice to watch why why why

the brain doesn’t think you’ve died when you close your eyes, the brain doesn’t see the danger anymore, and that’s why it’s calming. because the danger’s gone. death isn’t calming to the body, the body itself is actually not fond at all of dying. your body wants to be alive, even though you may think you don’t. that’s why it heals its own wounds and uses its stored energy to keep you alive when you don’t eat. it’s not death that’s calming to your mind, it’s the fact that you’re still living

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